Developing Volunteering


Volunteer Development

Our role in helping organisations with their volunteer development is varied and often depends on the need of the organisation or community group.  Community Groups and organisations have various remits and client groups and they all have different roles and criteria for including volunteers in their work.  Some groups are run completely by volunteers and others may have more paid staff than volunteers. Whatever the situation, we are here to help you get it right.  We respond to need therefore the following is a description of what we have in place, but we are flexible and will help you to find the right solutions for you.


Developing Policies and Procedures

When including volunteers in your work it is good practice to develop policies and procedures to guide your practice and ensure equality in recruitment and support for your volunteers.  We can provide templates and support to help you design the right framework for your organisation or group.


Training for Managing Volunteers

This training is aimed at Volunteer Managers/Coordinators and those working with and managing volunteers.  The course may be useful to you if you are new to volunteer management or looking to review your practice.  Courses can be delivered to a group of workers from different organisations or for a group of workers from the same organisation.  Where there are different organisations involved, the networking and discussions can be useful and stimulating.  When an organisation uses the training for team development it has the added benefit of having the group tune into the same wavelength.


The training consists of 4 separate sessions which can be delivered over 2 to 4 days

•        Commitment to Involving Volunteers                                

•        Volunteer Recruitment - Fair & Equal Volunteering 

•        Making Volunteering Happen                                           

•        Celebrating Volunteers’ Achievements & Engaging with the Media


Volunteer Friendly 

Volunteer Managers Network 

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